StrengthTime Winnetka, IL (Hubbard Woods)

A Few Words About our Exercise Equipment

Not all exercise equipment is created equally.  There are many different brands and various designs of exercise equipment on the market today, and there are many different variations of older pieces of equipment still in use around the country.  Sadly, the majority of the equipment in use – both old and new – leaves much to be desired.  Most pieces do not match up biomechanically with the human body, do not provide a physiologically sound workout, possess high levels of friction, and do not accommodate user’s different needs and dimensions.

Fortunately for clients of the StrengthTime, we have taken great pains (and incurred significant expense) to ensure that you have the very best state of the art equipment for your use.  This is one of the factors that enable us to ensure you receive the safest, most effective, and time efficient workout possible.

All StrengthTime facilities are equipped with the industry’s most advanced and sophisticated exercise equipment on the market — MedX®.  MedX® machines are the brainchild of famed Nautilus® inventor Arthur Jones, and the result of over thirty years of testing and experience, as well as millions of dollars of research and development.  The MedX machines match the human body precisely and provide a degree of muscular stimulation that must be experienced to be appreciated.

However, simply purchasing the best equipment in the world was not good enough for StrengthTime.  We’re perfectionists when it comes to providing the ultimate exercise experience, and we wanted our equipment to reflect our passion.  Even the finest and most expensive high performance automobiles in production today can be improved upon with various after market customizations and modifications performed by skilled mechanics.  Analogous to this, many of the StrengthTime exercise machines have been modified and installed with various retrofit parts and modifications that have essentially “supercharged” them.  We started with the best and made it even better

We won’t bore you with endless technical details of what’s been done to our machines and why.  But just remember this; if our machines were an automobile they’d blow the doors off everything else on the road.

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